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We are a group that consist of international experts of economy with international trade, international marketing, international transport,international commercial litigation, banking,insurance business, customs procedures. 

We are selling from direct manufacturers. Because we are giving advise of international trade to our turkish customers of producer factories.

We are sure, if you want purchase goods from us, this goods shall be good quality, original Turkish product and maximum less price.


1-Service of Directly Selling From Producer: 

Our company has arrangements with so many fabrics and producing companies in so many different sectors. We are a foreing-trade consult of many companies. Our company sell from producer directly the products of contracted companies without any middleman. When you have purchasing demand, we refer you to producing companies directly. If requested ; we can visit the producing fabrics and production line with our purchaser. Our company control our contracted companies' ISO and other quality conformities, production capacities and competences.

2-Consulting Service: 

Our company provide the consulting service in every step of foreign-trade to our costumers

  • a-) confidence test
  • b-) finding an investment area and investor partner for company which want to make an investment.
  • c-) preparation the international engagement
  • d-) go with company for their business trip and employment interviewing
  • e-) providing to jurally pursuance for international assest.
  • f-) researching new markets and customers
  • g-) study of marketing
  • h-) preparation of decuments as ATR, Euro1, FormA, Commercial Invoice, pack lists about foreign-trade
  • i-) preparing and provding investment incentive certificate and inward processing licance
  • j-) solving the all problems about foreign-trade sector


3-Customs Clearance and Logistic Service: 

Our company implement all customs clearanxce in the fastest and unproblematic way with our company's expert staff and business partner in being in the first place Karabuk everywhere of Turkey.We make firm about your products' customs tariff statistics positions (harmonize system code). We come up with all problemswhich happen in Turkish customs. Our company provides to cheapest-fastest-securest transporting between European countries, Russian Republics, Arabian Countries,

Education Service: 

Turkish Republic Countries and Turkey with road, sea route and railroad. We offer you alternatives. Our company provide training for foreign-trade and customs area to students with our expert staff, sonferances and meetings, coaching in univercity. It is provided to grow the traninees not only teoric courses, but also applied courses. Whereas train the experienced talented and well-informed person about foreign-trade sector, solve about the companies'necessity and demand of foreign- trade personal.

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Parti Adının Kısaltmasını Bilmiyor Ama Aday Adayı Olmuş!
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500 Kişi Okuma Yazma Sertifikası Aldı